Havening and Developmental Trauma: The Reparenting Protocols

Havening and Developmental Trauma: The Reparenting Protocols

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Working with Developmental Trauma: Reparenting the Inner Child

Date: May 24th, 2022

Location: Live Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Time: Login begins at 7:45am, workshop starts promptly at 8:00am and finishes at 12:30pm.

Summary: What should’ve happened in childhood but didn’t? This is one of the most interesting questions to pose to an adult who has grown up in a world of developmental trauma. The developing brain often knows the stories of what should’ve happened while living with the traumatic consequences of the abuses survived. Survivors of developmental trauma witness the “what should have beens” in television shows, movies, books, and even in the lives of those they interact with. Knowing what was missed out on while often living with complex PTSD frequently worsen feelings of interpersonal disconnect and self-loathing.

In this experiential seminar we will dive deep into the opportunities of how neuroplasticity, when coupled with the Havening Techniques, can empower the brain to develop a new felt sense of safety and security of the world - the positive benefits of a healthy childhood. Join Dr. Truitt in this advanced topic workshop to dive deep into the intricacies of what should’ve happened and to create the neural reality of a new way of being.

Note: Completion of the Havening Techniques Certification Training is a requirement to attend this seminar.